Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa rising 19,340 ft (5,895m). The largest free-standing mountain in the world. Also one of the seven Summits, the seventh highest points on each continent in the world. If you are reasonably physically fit, you can Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to reach the summit (Uhuru Peak 5,895m) and look out over Africa.

There is no special equipment or expertise needed to “Climb Mount Kilimanjaro” because the routes have been chosen to allow a slow gradual hike ” non technical ” , with the full support of professional guide for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We recommend a 6 to 8 day hike (depend on the route chosen) Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro up to the Summit, which includes one day of acclimatization between 10,000 and 15,000 ft. There are several routes to choose from and they vary by steepness and popularity. The Marangu route which is the easiest route and the most frequented trail on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The Machame route, Shira route, Rongai route and Western Breach route are more scenic and physically demanding. All the routes provide a spectacular view as you hike through a variety of habitats, cloud and rain forest, moor land with huge lobelia plants, the alpine desert and the magnificent glacier walls.

Essentials: Waterproof rucksack and daypack, sleeping bag (at least 3 seasons), Insulation pad boots and light walking shoes, balaclava and woollen hat or scarf, snow goggles / sun glasses, gaiters gloves, sweaters / jumpers, pants and jackets (waterproof)Water bottle, anorak / raincoat, several pairs of socks, first aid kit and insect repellent, sun protection cream and lip salve, personal toiletry requirements, Flash light with spare batteries, whistle and some plastic bags, walking stick / ski-pole.

We highly recommend after Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, an adventure not to be missed to explore the Tanzanian wilderness safari and Zanzibar beach holiday. Contact our safari consultant who will help you to design your Tanzania safari and Zanzibar beach to fit with your trekking holiday.

Machame Route – 7 Days

The Kilimanjaro Climb via Machame Route is one of the Adventurous Route to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It

Lemosho Route – 8 Days

The Lemosho Route is a remote, less commonly used and beautiful way up the mountain. Because of its length, it

Marangu Route – 6 Days

Marangu is the only route which offers sleeping huts in dormitory style accommodations. The huts are furnished with bunk beds

Rongai Route – 7 Days

The Rongai Route is the only route to ascend up the North side of the mountain, originating close to the

Umbwe Route – 6 Days

The Umbwe Route used to be the steepest, shortest and most direct route to Uhuru Peak. Traditionally the route utilised

Northern Circuit

The route circles around the quieter northern slopes to the east side of the mountain. There are a few different

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